[Crm-sig] NEW ISSUE: space and time primitives are appellations.

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Jan 31 21:56:10 EET 2020

Dear All,


We mention:

"Since any instance of E94 Space Primitive identifies unambiguously an 
instance of E53 Place by a symbolic expression, E94 Space Primitive must 
logically be regarded as a subclass of E41 Appellation. Consequently, we 
define /P168 place is defined by (defines place) /as subproperty of “/P1 
is identified by/”, and all literals used as its range instances 
implicitly as instances of E41 Appellation (see section “RDF 
implementation tests” item 1.).

See also section “Recording Names”.",

and in analogy this holds for /P169 defines spacetime volume (spacetime 
volume is defined by)/ and/P170 defines time (time is defined by)/.

Therefore I propose to define E94 Space Primitive, E61 
<#_E61_Time_Primitive>Time Primitive, E95 <#_E95_Spacetime_Primitive> 
Spacetime Primitive *IsA Appellation and IsA E59 Primitive Value*.

The three primitive values are different from the others, because they 
mark a real world area in the respective dimensions we live in. As with 
other Appellations, different syntactic forms can identify exactly the 
same thing. Therefore they are not identical to the thing they identify. 
The fact that there is a procedure to interpret the string in order to 
find what it identifies is just a special case of identifying.

I propose, in addition, to make *E59 Primitive Value* 
<#_E95_Spacetime_Primitive> IsA CRM Entity, which solves some problems 
in the FOL representation.

This follows a recommendation from the last SIG meeting, and is my 
homework for *ISSUE 400*.



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