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Christian-Emil Smith Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
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Dear all,

This is question about how to model excavation/documentation practice. It may be considered good or bad but it is practice.

Assume one dig in mechanical layers with a squares, 1 x 1 meter and 5 cm thick (which is a frequent way to excavate neolithic sites in the western part of Norway). The 50 liters of substance could be considered as  an instance of  S10 Material Substantial and could well be if it is removed in 5 buckets for sieving or dumped.

In situ it is has a stable and well defined form and could be modelled as an instance of S20 Rigid Physical Feature:

"Any instance of this class is a physical feature with sufficient stability of form in itself and with respect to the physical object bearing it in order to associate a permanent reference space within which its form is invariant and at rest. The maximum volume in space that an instance of S20 Rigid Physical Feature occupies  defines uniquely a place for the feature with respect to its surrounding matter."

Correct or what else?

The square can  be carefully excavated and on may find objects or substance. Since we are doing archaeology, it would have been nice to  see it as an instance of A8 Stratigraphic Unit and then use  AP15 is or contains remains of (is or has remains contained in) to model the fact that this stuff is contained in the square's volume (fascinating geometrical expression).  This may be to stretch the definition of A8 to much.


Question 2:

Independent of the mechanical excavation or single context excavation. Assume that one detect something which could be some separate substance, say with a different colour or texture. It is geo-referenced and given an identifier. During the excavation it is clear that this a lump which sticks together. The lump taken up and cleaned/washed and it turns out that it consists of several man made objects.  The lump when removed from its position and put into a box can be considered as an instance of  E22 Human-Made Object as a result of the excavation. In situ it was not.

What was it, an instance of A8 Stratigraphic Unit, S20 Rigid Physical Feature, S10 Material Substantial?



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