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Richard Light richard at light.demon.co.uk
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On 30/01/2020 17:27, Martin Doerr wrote:
Dear All,
We are glad to announce that Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI) would like to become member of CRM-SIG:

"The Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI), hosted by the University of Zurich and part of a
national research infrastructure program, provides unified and mutual access to collection data,
research data, and digitized visual resources from museums, archives, collections, as well as
academic and public research institutes within a Linked Open Data network using CIDOC-CRM. Its
mission is to combine the unique scholarly expertise from specialized research institutions beyond
technical, linguistic, and institutional borders and to enhance the visibility and accessibility of
Switzerland’s valuable collections and research resources. Key projects include Reference Data
Models for CIDOC-CRM and semantic research portal for both holding and research data based on
We would like to express our vivid interest in formally becoming a member of the CRM Special
Interest Group (CRM-SIG) and to actively contribute to the further development and adoption of
CIDOC-CRM. The Swiss Art Research Infrastructure will be represented in the CRM-SIG by Thomas

Hänsli (Managing Director) and Nicola Carboni (Semantic Architect)."

PLEASE VOTE YES or NO  by 13/2/2020



Richard Light
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