[Crm-sig] The archivists are (stil) a different sect ?

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Mon Jan 27 22:17:28 EET 2020

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From: Robert Sanderson <RSanderson at getty.edu>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 16:44:10 +0000

> I actually think that traditional archiving practices /are/ a different “sect” … or less
> controversially: the non-digital archival practices of the North American tradition do not map
> cleanly into a more precise ontology such as CIDOC-CRM that is designed for expressing knowledge
> about specifics, rather than the broad generalities of “collection description”.

The North American tradition is not so original... The Romanian one is the same :-(
[But I see the Portuguese one is changing. Bravo !]

The RICO guys are pulling the archivists in the 21st century. Fine ! But why invent a new "warm 
wheel" ? It is not more rational to join the CRM Club ? How come that the librarians (for 
instance) managed to overcome the "not invented here" complex ?


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