[Crm-sig] The archivists are (stil) a different sect ?

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I actually think that traditional archiving practices /are/ a different “sect” … or less controversially: the non-digital archival practices of the North American tradition do not map cleanly into a more precise ontology such as CIDOC-CRM that is designed for expressing knowledge about specifics, rather than the broad generalities of “collection description”.

In particular the distinction between the objects as managed physical things and the objects as the members of an intellectual hierarchy is very important in CRM (IMO) and very complicated to tease apart from current data in archival systems.

I believe that trying to force the very general archival patterns into a very specific CRM model would meet a lot of resistance from many institutions, and even if we think that would be an improvement to the archival practices, the archivists need to come to that realization for themselves.


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Great :-(



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Well, they write:

"adding suggestions of mappings (in rico:closeTo) and OWL equivalences between some classes or properties and components in other models (among which - this is not an exhaustive list- CIDOC-CRM, IFLA-LRM, PREMIS, PROV-O, and Schema.org)"




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