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Dear All,

Should be

*Quantification:****many to many (0,n:0,n)"*

      P172 contains

Domain: E53 <#_E53_Place>Place

Range: E94 <#_E94_Space_Primitive>Space Primitive

Scope note:This property describes a minimum spatial extent which is 
contained within an instance of E53 Place. Since instances of E53 Place 
may not have precisely known spatial extents, the CIDOC CRM supports 
statements about minimum spatial extents of instances of E53 Place. This 
property allows an instance of E53 Places’s minimum spatial extent (i.e. 
its inner boundary or a point being within a Place) to be assigned an 
instance of E94 Space Primitive value.

This property is a shortcut of the fully developed path: /E53 Place, 
P89i contains, E53 Place, P168 place is defined by, E94 Space Primitive/


§the spatial extent of the Acropolis of Athens (E53) /contains/POINT 
(37.971431 23.725947) (E94)

In First Order Logic:

P172(x,y) ⊃E53(x)

P172(x,y) ⊃E94(y)[e1]


[e1] <#_msoanchor_1>added

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