[Crm-sig] and now something completely different - a modelling question

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My main concern I thing was to find/define a  property P from E24 group to the slices of E4. Off course since 
Swiss Confederation (sc) is an E4 Period it could also be seen as a E7 Activity and then use P14 carried out by (performed) with a .1 type. Theis will be pretty weird.

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The Swiss Confederation (sc) is an E4 Period linked to its president (pr, an instance by E24 Group) by a specific property P. P is a time-changing property, so according to the approach of 4D-fluents, one defines suitable “slices” of sc and of pr for each different president and links each other via P. These slices are instances of E92 Spacetime Volume linked to their “static” counterparts (sc and pr) by property P10. E.g.

sc1 P10 sc .
pr1 P10 pr .
pr1 P sc1 .


> On 20 Jan 2020, at 12:23, Christian-Emil Smith Ore <c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no> wrote:
> Dear all
> As an example of an instance of  E24 Group one find "The President of the Swiss Confederation" which is ok. How should one link this instance to the Swiss Confederation​ which is modelled as a instance of E4 Period?
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> Christian-Emil
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