[Crm-sig] ISSUE: Scope note of E37 Mark

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
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Dear Christian-Emi, all,

The answer to the crying smily (German roots "greinen" and "grinsen" are 
still distinguished) should be given by the epigraphy experts. What 
matters, is their good practice, if it is not conflicting with other 
disciplinary practices and basic ontological principles. I suggest 
Francesca and Achille to give us more insight. They are preparing the 
respective CRM extension for epigraphy, and we need a good interface to 
it. If necessary, we redesign these classes to their needs.



On 1/19/2020 9:40 AM, Christian-Emil Smith Ore wrote:
> ​I see your point, I have no problem with that and I have no intention 
> to suggest that such a requirement should be added to some of the 
> scopenotes. It is a meta interpretation of the model based on the 
> scope notes not a part of the model as such.  if the part of a vusual 
> sound track is depicted on a surface, then it may represent a 
> linguistic object without being considered as atext
> The inscription class itself depends on  how one defines 'text' (not 
> easy) and with or without interpretation  'Ikke grin!' in Danish means 
> 'Don't smile!' In Norwegian 'Don'cry!'. An engraving 'Ikke grin!​' is 
> it one inscription, two inscrptions or no inscription (Mark) and 
> simply a human made physical feature?
> Best,
> Christian-Emil

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