[Crm-sig] ISSUE 426 - "holds or supports" as super property of P56 bears feature

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Fri Jan 17 22:14:14 EET 2020


In this homework http://www.cidoc-crm.org/Issue/ID-426-pxxx-holds-or-supports there is the question of whether holds or supports should be a super-property of p56 bears feature, or whether it should be distinct.

The proposed scope note included:

This property is similar to P56 bears feature (is found on), except that the range resource can be any Physical Thing rather than only a Physical Feature, and it is not a sub property of P46 is composed of, as the held or supported object is not a component of the container or support.

Which Martin rightly pointed out is not helpful – either properties are related formally or they’re distinct.

The scope note for “holds or supports”:

This property relates one E18 Physical Thing which acts as a container or support, such as a shelf, for another E18 Physical Thing.  Pxxx holds or supports is a shortcut of the more fully developed path from the domain E18 Physical Thing through P59 has section, E53 Place, P53i is former or current location of, to the range E18 Physical Thing.

This property can be used to avoid explicitly instantiating the E53 Place which is defined by a Physical Thing, especially when the only intended use of that Physical Thing is to act as a container or surface for the storage of other Physical Things. The place’s existence is defined by the existence of the container or surface, and will go out of existence at the same time as the Destruction of the container or surface. As such, there are very few situations in which the identity of the place needs to be distinguished from the defining physical thing.

And the scope note for “bears feature”:

This property links an instance of E19 Physical Object to an instance of E26 Physical Feature that it bears.

An E26 Physical Feature can only exist on one object. One object may bear more than one E26 Physical Feature. An E27 Site should be considered as an E26 Physical Feature on the surface of the Earth.

An instance B of E26 Physical Feature being a detail of the structure of another instance A of E26 Physical Feature can be linked to B by use of the property P46 is composed of (forms part of). This implies that the subfeature B is P56i found on the same E19 Physical Object as A.

P56 bears feature (is found on) is a shortcut. A more detailed representation can make use of the fully developed (i.e. indirect) path ‘E19 Physical Object’,through, ‘P59 has section’, ‘E53 Place’, ‘P53i is former or current location of’, to, ‘E26 Physical Feature’.

Note that both have the same expanded path through P59 /E53 / P53i.  The only difference is that P56 is more limited in range to only Features.
Features are E18 Physical Things, so there’s no discrepancy there.

So all in all, I believe that P56 bears feature is a good sub-property of the new property and would like to propose that change in addition to the creation of the new property.


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