[Crm-sig] agents of deterioration

Athanasios Velios thanasis at softicon.co.uk
Fri Jan 17 14:29:18 EET 2020


During the discussions at the Linked Conservation Data consortium a 
question has come up:

I have a metal sculpture on the seafront which is battered by the sea 
for decades. The production of the corrosion layer is a S17 Physical 
Genesis. In conservation documentation I would like to express the cause 
of that genesis (the sea water hitting the sculpture). "O13 triggers" is 
the best option so far, but the label and examples indicate a sequence 
of events, i.e. one is complete and the next one begins. Is this the 
intension? If not, I would like to add a sentence to clarify that the 
two events can be considered as happening at the same time (and also 
avoid arguments around scale of events).

All the best,


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