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George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 13:15:04 EET 2020

> Links would certainly be useful but the web server's content negotiation
> mechanism should be enough to deliver the right format to the client, is
> this what you mean?
My underlying assumption would be that the default thing served up would be
html, but you could reach the other representation consistently through
adding an appropriate ending or whatever would be most suitable... but that
people looking at the html should have a shiny red button type clue that
there is another way to retrieve the info which is for example as owl.

> > I will point out that on the CRM site, there is also an entire
> > architecture wherein each version has its own overall presentation:
> > e.g.: http://www.cidoc-crm.org/Version/version-6.2.1
> I think this should be maintained but not used as URIs for classes.
Why would you argue against using it as the resolving point for individual

> > Finally to Thanasis' point.
> >
> > "Resolving the class URI should return all versions of the class."
> >
> > Currently we certainly don't do that. It definitely would not / could
> > not happen based on our doc/html presentation of the ontology. With the
> > database version I pointed to above, I suppose it would be relatively
> > straightforward to have the older versions of a class you are looking at
> > listed below as links. I guess it would be a specialist user who would
> > care about this (not to put the idea down, just to say).
> Yes I thought it should be relatively easy to do through a Drupal View.
> The point is that if there are no versions on the class URI, the user
> should be able to read about any version of the class given that they
> may be coming from a database using an earlier version than the current
> one.

Currently this is not supported at all, correct? I mean you always point at
a version. So you would suggest that 'current' should be 'versionless'?

How I understood Erlangen to work is that it just makes the versionless URI
redirect to the current. So I thought the idea would be that 'current'
resolves to the present official (whatever the present official means). If
a class has been deprecated then I guess it would have to revert to the
last official in which it had existed?

> All the best,
> Thanasis
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