[Crm-sig] CIDOC CRM URI management

Francesco Beretta francesco.beretta at cnrs.fr
Thu Jan 16 12:45:31 EET 2020

Dear all,

I have a question about CIDOC CRM URI management.

The last published version of CRMbase is 6.2.1. If I take the RDF 
serialization, I find this base URI:


If I sent this URI in the web:


I have an error message.

If I sent this URI in the web:


I'm dereferenced on verson 5.0.4.

The machine cannot know which version of CRM is considered.

I have then the Erlangen URI:


dereferencing on a document of the whole version.

There are additional, earlier specific versions.

I have an issue in OntoME: which URI is to be used ?

We have a provisional, not dereferenced URI:


It is there to avoid confusion but it's bad practice.

I'm asking myself what to do, and people adopting the CRM are asking me 
these kind of questions, beeing not happy with this situation.

I think there was already a discussion about this point in the SIG.

Shouldn't we find, and implement, a solution that meets current 

The same issue is raised of course about the extensions familiy.



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