[Crm-sig] Normal Custodian Of?

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Tue Jan 7 22:24:42 EET 2020

Dear fellow SIG folks,

Happy new year 😊

A question came up here as to how to record the normal custodian of an object, as opposed to the current custodian.

For example, if we have custody of an object but it’s a permanent loan from a donor, and we lend it to another organization for an exhibition, then the owner doesn’t change (still the donor, probably wanting to remain anonymous) and there’s a transfer of custody from ourselves to the exhibiting organization.  If that’s a travelling exhibit, it might pass through several custodians before it should eventually return to us.

Is there a way to track this not-quite-an-owner but not-just-the-current-custodian state?  The only way that I can see is to model the right of permanent custody separate from the right of temporary custody… but then we re-enter the rights and temporal validity arena.  Perhaps this would be another motivating use case for moving forward with that work?

Many thanks for your thoughts,


Rob Sanderson,  Semantic Architect  |  Getty Digital  |  getty.edu<http://getty.edu/>
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