[Crm-sig] CIDOC-CRM implementation using a labeled-property graph

Maria Jose de Almeida m-jose.almeida at dglab.gov.pt
Tue Jan 7 18:27:57 EET 2020

Dear all,

Does anyone knows of any experience of CIDOC-CRM implementation using a 
labeled-property graph, namely with the application Neo4J or equivalent? 
Would you say that the data structure it implies is compilable with the 

Here at Portuguese National Archives we are discussing some 
technological solutions with our partners and LPG appeared as an option. 
But we need to be confident that that doesn’t lead us to an incompatible 

Any thoughts of the CRM-SIG on this matter would be very useful to us.

And happy 2020!
(for those of us that identify the current time-span as such)

Maria José de Almeida
Técnica Superior
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