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Dear Maria,

Congratulations on this project. I am really interested to dig further into it. Thanks for sharing the poster.



> On 31 Mar 2020, at 1:02 PM, Maria Jose de Almeida <m-jose.almeida at dglab.gov.pt> wrote:
> The EPISA project (Entity and Property Inference for Semantic Archives) is part of the ongoing renewal of the DGLAB’s (Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas, PT) existing data infrastructure and aims, amongst other goals, to develop a prototype for an open-source knowledge graph platform adopting a new data model for archival description. Other of its key features is content integration, as we intend to create a more flexible data model that can both interoperate with other information systems and accommodate information regarding cultural resources other than archival documents. The need for a new generation of description tools that includes libraries, archives and museums (LAM) – more fine grained, more flexible and specially more machine-actionable – led to the choice of CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM)(ISO, 2014) as root ontology. 
> We prepared a poster to present the project at the RDA 15th Plenary Meeting - Australia but, due to the cancellation of the presential meeting, we are now proudly at the P15 Virtual Poster Session. Please visit our page and leave your thoughts and comments!
> https://www.rd-alliance.org/episa-project-fair-path-semantic-archives-portuguese-national-archives <https://www.rd-alliance.org/episa-project-fair-path-semantic-archives-portuguese-national-archives> 
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