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Dear Athina,
It is an interesting problem.  The scope note of E67 Birth was formulated in the fall of 2002 and seems to have been unaltered since then. 

"This class comprises the births of human beings. E67 Birth is a biological event focussing on the context of people coming into life. (E63 Beginning of Existence comprises the coming into life of any living beings). 
Twins, triplets etc. are brought into life by the same E67 Birth event. The introduction of the E67 Birth event as a documentation element allows the description of a range of family relationships in a simple model. Suitable extensions may describe more details and the complexity of motherhood with the intervention of modern medicine. In this model, the biological father is not seen as a necessary participant in the E67 Birth event."

In the discussion it was made clear that CRM (in October 2002) should not be a model for medical care/science and to compensate for that the sentence "Suitable extensions may describe more details and the complexity of motherhood with the intervention of modern medicine".  

Since 2002 the scope of CRM has become somewhat wider. To deal the project you are working on, it seems to be necessary to make some extensions to CRM or may be model miscarriages/abortions/stillborn as event and use types to differentiate. In modern legislation social benefits/support may depend on details but this may be not relevant for your project.

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Dear all,

I am working on a project relating to historical information (sources)
on Seafaring lives and Maritime Labour in 19th-20th century - we map the
raw data to CIDOC CRM (or an extension of it). Historians collect data
from various records, such as Civil Registers, which are records
documenting persons born or dead - basically, they register the deaths.
So I have this case: they register as  persons the miscarriages or the
stillborn or the abortions, and they assign attributes such as the
number of registration,  personal information (name,surname,etc. )of the
parents, the place of residence (which is the parents address, of
course) and the sex of the aborted or still born (something they knew
afterwards). I suppose this is a difficult ethical and biological
subject- my question is how would you model the miscarriage or the still
born or the abortion? It is not exactly defined as E21 Person and if it
is a case of still born, it can be a kind of a E67 Birth Event, but if
it is a miscarriage, I believe it is not a birth event, it is a
different biological process, so what is it?

Any thoughts that would help?


Athina Kritsotaki
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