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Usually library databases link a person to a language via expressions produced by the person that are in a particular language.

E21 Person P14i performed {P14.1i in the role of E55 Type = author}: F28 Expression Creation R17 created: F2 Expression P2 has type: E33 Linguistic Object P72 has language: E56 Language

This captures documented use of a language for formal communication. Knowledge of a language is required to create expressions in it, but people can know a language without ever producing expressions in it, so it does not capture all cases of knowing a language.

Going via F51 Pursuit (which is moving to CRMsoc along with its associated properties, R60 among them) and is a subclass of E7 Activity, you can link a person to a language that they usually use in certain contexts, which do not have to result in actual F2 Expressions. This could include contexts with public speaking (which is not recorded and turned into an Expression of a Work), participating in meetings with a specific working language, corresponding on lists in a particular language.

E21 Person P14i performed: F51 Pursuit R60 used to use language: E56 Language

However, note that the scope note of F51 does restrict Pursuit to professional/creative activities, and would not cover the use of a language in an informal context, such as family life. This gap would prevent recording, for example, the use of a native language in a home context, when all professional activity is in a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. language. (This situation would be common for indigenous peoples and immigrant communities.)

Scope note: This class comprises periods of continuous activity of an Actor in a specific professional or creative domain or field.


Scope note: This property associates an instance of F51 Pursuit with the instance of E56 Language that was characteristically used for the products of the associated activity.

The property R60.1 has type of use allows for specifying a particular form of use.

Declared as a shortcut of:

E65 Creation. P94 has created (was created by): E33 Linguistic Object. P72 has language (is language of): E56 Language

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