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Dear All,

Following the discussion of yesterday, here a proposal for the 
definition of Phase. We all know that the methodological exclusive 
choice in favour of events was driven by issues related to merging data 
from different sources (cf. Issue 245). But insofar as many projects use 
the CRM for _data production_, and that in many cases information about 
the past is available just for 'phases' and not the events causing them, 
and that —last but not least— different SIG members have expressed the 
need for phases, here an attempt to provide it with some substance at a 
level comparable with its first born brother: the event !

All the best


*Exxx Phase*

Subclass of E4 Period

Scope note:

A phase is a /*phenomenon*///involving or concerning at least one 
persistent item that consists in a characteristic or relationship of 
itwith a limited extent in time resulting from one or more events and 
being terminated by one or more events (the last possible event being 
the end of existence of the involved persistent item or items). This 
phenomenon, in contrast to an E5 event, is passive, i.e. it does not 
actively and directly cause other phenomena. Because of its phenomenal 
dimension, a phase can nonetheless influence the course of events. E.g. 
the police officer arrived while my vehicle was parked in restricted 
parking (phase) and I was fined (event).

The Exxx Phase class is thus disjoint with the E5 Event class while both 
are subclasses of E4 Period insofar as periods, as coherents sets of 
phenomena, consist of active and passive phenomena.

A phase is not just a situation because its substance is given 
independently from the observation of an agent. Examples of phases are 
e.g. paintings suspendend in an exhibition at a given place, beliefs or 
states of mind of curators, obligations of buyers, etc. All these 
classes do not belong to CRM base but they fit, as subclasses of Exxx 
Phase, into a general ontological coherence which underlines the 
phenomenal substance of each of them.

*Pxxx relates to* (is concerned by) Domain: Phase ; range: Persistent 
item. Quantifiers: 1,n; 0,n.

This property describes the active or passive presence of a E77 
Persistent Item in a Exxx Phase without implying any specific role. It 
connects the history of a thing with the E53 Place and E50 Date of a 
phase concerning it. For example, my car parked in restricted parking or 
the propositional content of my belief that it is a good idea to leave 
the car there.

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