[Crm-sig] dinner tonight (45th crm-sig meeting)

E. Tsoulouha tsoulouha at ics.forth.gr
Wed Oct 23 15:37:53 EEST 2019

Hello everyone,

We've made a reservation at Αθάλη [*] (pronounced Atháli) for 8.00 pm. 
It's in the area of the Old Market in the center of the city. 
Reservation is under my name (Eleni Tsoulouha)

My phone number (in case sth goes wrong) is +306977431718

[*] https://goo.gl/maps/geRCA9TdpmMhbpYd7

http://athali.gr/ (site in Greek, yay!)


PS: for those of you that are not in Heraklion now, sorry I spammed 

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