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On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 11:30 PM Bekiari Xrysoula <bekiari at ics.forth.gr>

> Dear All
> Following the decisions of the current working group meeting, we invite
> you to vote if you accept the text  about the compatiblity with CRM in
> the version 6.2.6. This text is the same with the one found in the iso
> version(rev 2014).
> The text is the following:
> ==================================================
> Compatibility with the CRM
> Users intending to take advantage of the semantic interoberability
> offered by this International Standard should ensure conformance with
> the relevant data structures. Conformance pertains either to data to be
> made accessible in an integrated environment or intended for transport
> to other environments. Any enconding of data in a formal language that
> preserves the relations of the classes, properties, and inheritance
> rules defined by this definition of the CIDOC CRM(definition document),
> is regarded as conformant.
> Conformance with this definition document does not require complete
> matching of all local documentation structures, nor that all concepts
> and structures present in this definition document be implemented. This
> definition document is intented to allow room both for extensions,
> needed to capture the full richness of cultural documentation, and for
> simplification, in the interests of economy. A system will be deemed
> partially conformant if it supports a subset of subclasses and
> subproperties defined by this definition document. Designers of the
> system should publish details of the constructs that are supported.
> The focus of this definition document is the exchange and mediation of
> structured information. It does not require the interpretation of
> unstructured (free text) information into a structured, logical form.
> Unstructured information is supported, but falls outside the scope of
> conformance considerations.
> Any documentation system will be deemed conformant with this definition
> document, regardless of the internal data structures it uses; if a
> deterministic logical algorithm can be constructed, that transforms data
> contained in the system into a directly compatible form without loss of
> meaning.
> No assumptions are made as to the nature of this algorithm. "Without
> loss of meaning" signifies that designers and users of the system are
> satisfied that the data representation corresponds to the semantic
> definitions provided by this definition .
> ======================================================================
> YES for accepting,
> NO for not accepting,
> by Oct. 25 2019.
> all the best
> Chryssoula
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