[Crm-sig] New issue: harmonization of graphical documentation about CRM

Nicola Carboni nic.carboni at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 14:23:49 EEST 2019

We do use the attached one, which summed up as:

Brown:  HumanMadeObject -> #E1BA9C
Green: Place -> #94CC7D
Red: Actor, Person, Group -> #FFBDCA
Orange: Type, Language, Material -> #FAB565
Yellow: InformationObject, VisualItem, LinguisticObject -> #FDDC34
Light Yellow: Identifier, Name -> #FEF3BA
Blue: Period, Event, Activity, Production, Creation, Acquisition, Birth, 
Death, Destruction, etc etc etc etc. -> #82C3EC
Light Blue: TimeSpan -> #86BCC8
Grey: Dimension -> #E6E4EC
Purple: digital object -> #CAB5EB


On 22 Oct 2019, at 15:29, Anaïs Guillem wrote:

> ng the issue about updating the introduction texts and diagrams of 
> CRMbase, the diagrams need harmonization of color and forms. The color 
> coding proposed is the one used initially since 2015 by the CRM game 
> and implemented in 3M already. The color coding is available in the 
> attached document "colorCRMTemplate".
> \-- 
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