[Crm-sig] New Issue: Collaborative (Updated) Translation of the current CRM in French [X-ICS Spam]

Anaïs Guillem anais.guillem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 16:22:32 EEST 2019


A group of French archaeologists (and/or related profiles) from the MASA
consortium are willing to contribute collaboratively to update the
translation of the current CRM in French.

Reference to:

model: CRMbase, version: 6.2.7, class: all, relation: all

Statement of the issue:

outdated French translation of CRMbase documentation.

Argument about the issue: the understanding of CRM concepts is easier with
a translation, rathan the English version of the document. The last known
translation in French is the version 5.

Method proposed to solve the issue:

collaborative translation of the CRMbase document for dissemination
purposes in the French speaking communities.

Proposed solution(s): gathering a collaborative working group through the
MASA consortium and the SIG-list, find the last translation in French
available, organizing a Git framework or a docbook.

So far, the volunteers for working on the translation are: (if you want to
join the working group, send an email):

Anais Guillem

aguillem at ucmerced.edu; anais.guillem at gmail.com

Bulle Leonetti

bulle.leonetti at inha.fr

Hélène Jamet

helene.jamet at mom.fr

Olivier Marlet

olivier.marlet at univ-tours.fr

Danielle Ziebelin

Danielle.Ziebelin at imag.fr

Christophe Tuffery

christophe.tuffery at inrap.fr

Raphaëlle Krummeich

raphaelle.krummeich at univ-rouen.fr

Diane Rego

diane.rego at unicaen.fr

Emmanuelle Morlock

emmanuelle.morlock at mom.fr

Bertrand David

bertrand.david at cnrs.fr

Adeline Levivier

adeline.levivier at gmail.com; adeline.levivier at efeo.net
<adeline.levivier at gmail.com>

Juliette Hueber

juliette.hueber at inha.fr

Aurelia Vasile

aurelia.vasile at uca.fr

Anaïs Guillem
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