[Crm-sig] draft agenda of issues for DAY 1

Bekiari Xrysoula bekiari at ics.forth.gr
Tue Oct 22 10:06:21 EEST 2019

Tuesday October 22, 2019

*day 1 -1*







Approximate Dimensions




Scope Note of E52 Time Span




add "islands" to E27 Site




Resolving inconsistences between E2, E4, E52 and E92




scope note of E94 Space Primitive




Timed relations




E51 Contact Point instance examples




Scope note and examples of E41 Appellation








Dimension and Data sets




begin_of_the_begin /end_of_the_end is excluded from time range?




Issue about P82 and P81 usage





How to determine observable entities?





*day 1-2*




Pxxx holds or supports




Curated Holding vs Physical Thing as Aggregate vs Set




Broaden scope of P125




P72 has Language




Specific Type of "used" relation




BP11.2 Connected through




Modification of scope notes and ranges for E81-P123-P124




Functional identity of E24 Physical Man Made Thing




'has content' property




Archetypical sounds



day 1-3




Update list of contributors




the scope notes of E59 Primitive Value and E61 Time Primitive




Reuse identifiers of obsolete entities never published




Exploring alternatives to reusing identifiers for newly introduced CRM 
classes and properties.




Layout of CIDOC CRM official version




the format of the text in scope notes




The introductory text of CIDOC CRM site




Why #TEI P5 as format-of-record for #cidocCRM Definition document




Wider practical scope note of CRM




RDF file for CRM CORE




Form and persistence of RDF identifiers



day 1-4




Question about quantification + transitivity + open world




FOL representation for shortcuts




Reification of E13, S4 and I1




Scope Note of E60 needs revision




Scope note of E77 Persistent Item

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