[Crm-sig] part of HW for Issue 412

Athanasios Velios thanasis at softicon.co.uk
Fri Oct 18 15:01:03 EEST 2019


Most of this is for Francesco and Vincent, but I had a small part of the 
homework which was to add a sentence to the introductory text to clarify 
that CRMsoc is under development. So here is the text again with the 
added sentence in the end:

What is CRMsoc?
CRMsoc is a formal ontology for integrating data about social phenomena 
and constructs that are of interest in the humanities and social science 
based on analysis of documentary evidence. The scope of CRMsoc is the 
following areas of analysis:
     • Characteristics of human beings, as individuals or groups
     • Social relations, including between people, between people and 
groups, and between groups
     • Rights and duties
     • Economic activities, including relations between people and 
things, such as financial transactions leading to ownership
     • Plans, including expressing proposed activities and legislation
     • Evaluations, including assessing risks and estimating the value 
of things
CRMsoc uses and extends the CIDOC CRM (ISO21127): a general ontology of 
human activity, things and events happening in space-time. It uses the 
same encoding-neutral formalism of knowledge representation (“data 
model” in the sense of computer science) as the CIDOC CRM, which can be 
implemented in RDFS, OWL, in an RDBMS and in other forms of encoding.
CRMsoc is currently in active development and we welcome comments and 
contributions to it.


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