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I'm not sure I particularly like the phrase 'identifiers in continua' - but maybe I just don't understand its intended meaning.  To me, a date is just a data value, expressed to a certain degree of precision. An 'identifier' suggests something which is deliberately assigned as a property of an entity, in order to ... identify it.

In any case, if we are defining and giving examples of these identifiers, shouldn't we be doing so within the class descriptions where this concept applies, not in one where we specifically say that it doesn't apply?

Whatever these identifiers are, they won't be E50 or E47, both of which are flagged as deprecated (and now to be treated as E41 Appellation).


On 08/10/2019 17:59, Martin Doerr wrote:

Dear All, we need to provide other definitions of identifiers in continua.

E60 Number
Subclass of:         E59 Primitive Value

Scope Note:        This class comprises any encoding of computable (algebraic) values such as integers, real numbers, complex numbers, vectors, tensors etc., including intervals of these values to express limited precision.

Numbers are fundamentally distinct from identifiers in continua, such as instances of E50 Date and E47 Spatial Coordinate, even though their encoding may be similar. Instances of E60 Number can be combined with each other in algebraic operations to yield other instances of E60 Number, e.g., 1+1=2. Identifiers in continua may be combined with numbers expressing distances to yield new identifiers, e.g., 1924-01-31 + 2 days = 1924-02-02. Cf. E54 Dimension
§  5
§  3+2i
§  1.5e-04
§  (0.5, - 0.7,88)

In First Order Logic:

                           E60(x) ⊃ E59(x)

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