[Crm-sig] (Geographic) Place vs. SpaceTimeVolume (?)

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Sun Oct 6 19:07:31 EEST 2019

Dear Franco,

Thanks for your clarifications. Very useful for my understanding...

Also thanks a lot for the fine papers you offered. Illuminating...

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From: Franco Niccolucci <franco.niccolucci at gmail.com>

> I am a bit scared by what you propose. Let me summarize your procedure.

Just a bit ? :-)

> You have a bag of things: islands, settlements (by the way, what do you mean by settlement?),
> territories.

Settlement, i.e. "inhabited place", as TGN name it.

A note: in "Gazetteers" you and Sorin suggest:

crm:160.1_at <crm:E53_Place>
crm:160_has_temporal_projection <crm:E52_Time-Span>.

I could use a symmetric:

crm:161.1_during <crm: E52_Time-Span>
crm:161_has_spatial_projection < crm:E53_Place>.



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