[Crm-sig] (Geographic) Place vs. SpaceTimeVolume (?) ISSUE: make methodology clear. ISSUE add "islands" to E27 Site.

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Sun Oct 6 17:46:48 EEST 2019

Dear Martin,

Thanks for the corrections (that's what I asked for :-)

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From: Martin Doerr <martin at ics.forth.gr>
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Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2019 20:47:07 +0300
> I do not understand what you mean by making your life "easy".

To make my life "easy", I'm looking for is a kind of shortcut....
Let's say:

<#Martin> <isA> <crm:E21_Person>
<#Heraklion> <isA> <crm:E4_Period >
<#Heraklion> <crm:P1_is_identified_by> <"Iráklion">
<#H> <isA> <crm:E53_Place>
<#Heraklion> <crm:P7_took_place_at> <#H>
<#H> <crm:P1_is_identified_by> <"35.3250, 25.1306">
<#Martin> <crm:P74_has_current_or_former_residence> <#H>

Since I do not want to say "Martin is living in <35.3250, 25.1306>":

<#Martin> <crm:P74_has_current_or_former_residence> <#H> <crm:P1_is_identified_by> <"35.3250, 

but ""Martin is living in Iráklion":

<#Martin> <crm:P74_has_current_or_former_residence> <#H> <crm: P7i_witnessed> <#Heraklion> 
<crm:P1_is_identified_by> <"Iráklion">.

This detour makes also the query in my database a bit more "expensive".



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