[Crm-sig] (Geographic) Place vs. SpaceTimeVolume (?)

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Fri Oct 4 22:46:02 EEST 2019

Hi friends,

In my legacy data, beside precise geographical Places (polygons, lines, points), of course I have 
named territories.

Well, all Places are time-dependent: they are all post Big-Bang :-) But in order to simplify my 
life, I am tempted to model as E53_Place the bona fide spatial objects:

•	the "history-independent" places (e.g. Island of Crete, North America)
•	the settlements (yes, a brutal simplification as bona fide objects)

and as E92_SpaceTime_Volume the fiat spatial objects:

•	the territories of (extended) administrative units (counties..., countries, empires).

A few territories are stable in space AND time, e.g. Czechoslovakia, almost (1918-1993, with the 
WW2 caesura), but others... Think of the Habsburg Empire.

Of course, there are "special" cases of almost identity, as "Malta" (the island) and the territory 
of "the Republic of Malta" (1964-), but I could live with them :-)

What do you think ? could that be a reasonable enough decision ?


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