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Dear all ?

The first order logic:

The two first lines har fine. The third line should express that this is a short cut.

1) The class of x,y,z can be deduced from the defintion of the properties. However, in the Iraklio meeting Mark and I concluded that it is helpful for the readers to see the classes.

2) The '=' sign indicates that this is a strong shortcut. That is, the existence of an instance of the shortcut implies the existance of an instance of  E92 STV. In general, we don't describe the crm shortcuts as strong.

The FOL should then be
       Pxxy(x,y) ? E93(x),
       Pxxy(x,y) ? E18(y)
       Pxxy(x,y) ?? [E93(x) ? E18(y)? E92(z) ?? P166(x,z) ?  Pxxx(y,z)]


Pxxy was a presence of (had presence)
Domain: E93 Presence
Range:   E18 Physical Thing
Quantification:  (0,1 : 0,n)
Scope note: This property associates an instance of E93 Presence with an instance of E18 Physical Thing of which it represents a temporal restriction (i.e.: a time-slice). It is a shortcut of the more fully developed path from E93 Presence through P166 was a presence of E92 Spacetime Volume, Pxxxi is defined by to E18 Physical Thing. Instantiating either this property or directly Pxxx is defined by constitutes a necessary part of the identity of the respective instance of E93 Presence.

In First Order Logic:
       Pxxy(x,y) ? E93(x),
       Pxxy(x,y) ? E18(y)
       Pxxy(x,y)  = [E93(x) ? E18(y)? P166(x,z) ?  Pxxx(y,z)]

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