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Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Nov 19 20:19:00 EET 2019

Dear All,

Here my proposed scope note for a shortcut between E93 Presence and E18 
Physical Thing, as proposed by Christian-Emil in the October Meeting in 
Heraklion 2019:

Pxxy was a presence of (had presence)
Domain: E93 <#_E93_Spacetime_Snapshot> Presence
Range:   E18 Physical Thing
Quantification:  (0,1 : 0,n)

Scope note: This property associates an instance of E93 Presence with an 
instance of E18 Physical Thing of which it represents a temporal 
restriction (i.e.: a time-slice). It is a shortcut of the more fully 
developed path from E93 Presence through P166 was a presence of E92 
Spacetime Volume, Pxxxi is defined by to E18 Physical Thing. 
Instantiating either this property or directly Pxxx is defined by 
constitutes a necessary part of the identity of the respective instance 
of E93 Presence.

In First Order Logic:

Pxxy(x,y) ⊃ E93(x),

Pxxy(x,y) ⊃ E18(y),

Pxxy(x,y)  = [E93(x) ∧ E18(y) ∧ P166(x,z) ∧  Pxxx(y,z)]

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