[Crm-sig] ISSUE 420 continued: Change of scope note of E18

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Nov 11 22:27:42 EET 2019

Dear All

Here my new scope note:

      E18 Physical Thing

Subclass of:E72 <#_E72_Legal_Object> Legal Object

Superclass of: E19 <#_E19_Physical_Object>Physical Object

E24 <#_E24_Physical_Man-Made_Thing>Physical Human-Made Thing

E26 <#_E26_Physical_Feature>Physical Feature

Scope Note:This classcomprises all persistent physical items with a 
relatively stable form, human-made or natural.

Depending on the existence of natural boundaries of such things, the 
CIDOC CRM distinguishes the instances of E19 Physical Object from 
instances of E26 Physical Feature, such as holes, rivers, pieces of land 
etc. Most instances of E19 Physical Object can be moved (if not too 
heavy), whereas features are integral to the surrounding matter.

Note that an instance of E18 Physical Thing not only occupies a 
particular geometric space at any instant of its existence, which can be 
documented using the property /P156 occupies (is occupied by)/, but in 
the course of its existence it also forms a trajectory through 
spacetime, which defines a real, that is phenomenal, volume in 
spacetime, which can be documented using the property /P156 occupies (is 
occupied by)/.

The CIDOC CRM is generally not concerned with unconfined amounts of 
matter in fluid or gaseous states.


§the Cullinan Diamond (E19)(Scarrattand Shor, 2006)

§the cave “Ideon Andron” in Crete (E26) (Smith, 1844-49)

§the Mona Lisa (E22) (Mohem, 2006)

In First Order Logic:

E18(x) ⊃E72(x)


P44 <#_P44_has_condition_(condition of)> has condition (is condition 
of): E3 <#_E3_Condition_State> Condition State

P45 <#_P45_consists_of_(is incorporated in> consists of (is incorporated 
in): E57 <#_E57_Material> Material

P46 <#_P46_is_composed_of (forms part of)> is composed of (forms part 
of): E18 <#_E18_Physical_Thing> Physical Thing

P49 <#_P49_has_former_or current keeper (i> has former or current keeper 
(is former or current keeper of): E39 <#_E39_Actor> Actor

P50 <#_P50_has_current_keeper (is current > has current keeper (is 
current keeper of): E39 <#_E39_Actor> Actor

P51 <#_P51_has_former_or current owner (is> has former or current owner 
(is former or current owner of): E39 <#_E39_Actor> Actor

P52 <#_P52_has_current_owner (is current o> has current owner (is 
current owner of): E39 <#_E39_Actor> Actor

P53 <#_P53_has_former_or current location > has former or current 
location (is former or current location of): E53 <#_E53_Place> Place

P59 <#_P59_has_section_(is located on or w> has section (is located on 
or within): E53 <#_E53_Place> Place

P128 <#_P128_carries_(is_carried by)> carries (is carried by): E90 
<#_E90_Symbolic_Object> Symbolic Object

P156 <#_P156_occupies_(is> occupies (is occupied by): E53 <#_E53_Place> 

Pxxx defines (is defined by): E92 Spacetime Volume

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