[Crm-sig] ISSUE: New property Pxxx defines (is defined by)

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Sun Nov 10 22:41:47 EET 2019

Dear All,

Following the decision of CRM-SIG to replace the multiple instantiation 
of E18 Physical Thing with E92 Spacetime Volume,

Here my proposal for the scope note of the respective property, which 
reuses parts of the now obsolete scope note of E18 Physical Thing:

*Pxxx defines (is defined by)*

Domain: E18 <#_E18_Physical_Thing> Physical Thing

Range: E92 Spacetime Volume

  Quantification: one to one, necessary (1,1:0,1)

Scope note:This property associates an instance of E18 Physical Thing 
with the instance of E92 Spacetime Volume that constitutes the complete 
trajectory of its geometric extent through spacetimeat all times of the 
existence of the instance of E18 Physical Thing.

Note that an instance of E18 Physical Thing not only occupies a 
particular geometric space at any instant of its existence, but in the 
course of its existence it also forms a trajectory through spacetime, 
which occupies a real, that is phenomenal, volume in spacetime, i.e., 
the instance of E92 Spacetime Volume this property associates with.This 
real spatiotemporal extent of an instance of E18 Physical Thing is 
regarded to be unique to it, due to all its details and fuzziness; its 
identity and existence depends uniquely on the identity of the instance 
of E18 Physical Thing, which defines it by its very existence. It 
constitues a phenomenal spacetime volume as defined in CRMgeo (Doerr and 
Hiebel 2013).

We include in this spacetime volume the space filled by the matter of 
the physical thing and all its inner spaces at any time of their 
existence, such as the interior of a box. Physical things consisting of 
aggregations of physically unconnected objects, such as a set of 
chessmen, occupy a finite number of individually contiguous subsets of 
this spacetime volume equal to the number of parts that constitute the 
aggregate and that are never connected during its existence.

In First Order Logic:

P156(x,y) ⊃E18(x)

P156(x,y) ⊃E92(y)

  Dr. Martin Doerr
  Honorary Head of the
  Center for Cultural Informatics
  Information Systems Laboratory
  Institute of Computer Science
  Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
  N.Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton,
  GR70013 Heraklion,Crete,Greece
  Email: martin at ics.forth.gr
  Web-site: http://www.ics.forth.gr/isl

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