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Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Sun May 12 22:31:58 EEST 2019

Dear All,

Here the scope note for the new class "Externalization Event" proposed 
in the last meeting. This unifies the expression creation with the 
performances on a higher level.

The idea being, that the "true" expression is always the activity, often 
being accidental what is recorded and in which way. The manuscript 
writing can be seen as a lone performance, with a patient paper under 
the hand holding the pen;-).

*Fxx Externalization Event *

Subclass of:E7 Activity

Superclass of:F28Expression Creation (may be superclass of E65 Creation!)


Scope note:This class comprises activities of producing signs or sensory 
impressions as an organized, coherent and complete whole,intended for 
being received in this completeness by some audience, either directly 
via their senses or via persistent media at any later time. It comprises 
in particular novel expressions of thought, art in all forms, including 
rendering existing expressions, such as musical scores, theater plays or 
texts, in an individual way in performing arts or by graphic design.

Examples:The creation of the original manuscript score of ‘Uwertura 
tragiczna’ by Andrzej Panufnik in 1942 in Warsaw (F28)

The reconstruction from memory of the manuscript score of ‘Uwertura 
tragiczna’ by Andrzej Panufnik in 1945 after the original score was 
destroyed during the war (F28)

Performing the ballet entitled ‘Rite of spring’/,/ as choreographed by 
Pina Bausch, in Avignon, at the Popes’ Palace, on July 7, 1995 
[individual performance] (F31)

Performing the operatic work entitled ‘Dido and Aeneas’, as directed by 
Edward Gordon Craig and conducted by Martin Shaw, in London, Hampstead 
Conservatoire, on May 17, 18, and 19, 1900 [run of performances] (F31)

Properties*:*R19 <#_R19_created_a>created a realisation of (was realised 
through): F1 <#_F1_Work_1>Work

The property R19 goes up from F28 to new class. We need a more general 
property from the Externalization Event to the persistent expressions it 
produced or contributed to, be it a manuscript, a recording, a painting 
of a theater scene. This property should generalize overR17 
<#_R17_created_(was>created (was created by):F2 

I could think of "Rxx has memorization in: F2 Expression".

The point is, that the persistent Expression could be a product directly 
of the "externalizers" or by the a member of the audience. If an author 
dictates a text to a scribe, or Platon reporting Sokrates, there is not 
much difference to someone taking video from a theater performance. This 
means, that the range of "Rxx has memorization in: F2 Expression" may or 
may not be product of another expression creation. It will however 
always require presence of the secondary creators in the primary 
externalization (or of a robot recording device).

Looking forward to your comments!


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  Honorary Head of the
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  Institute of Computer Science
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