[Crm-sig] Meeting Minutes of Last SIG, Preparation for upcoming SIG (Paris, 11-14 June, 2019)

George Bruseker bruseker at ics.forth.gr
Fri May 3 16:12:10 EEST 2019

Dear all,


The meeting minutes of the 43rd SIG held in Heraklion, Crete from 26-29
March, 2019 are now available at the link below thanks to Eleni and




For those planning to attend the upcoming SIG in Paris 11-14 June, 2019, we
hope having the minutes in advance will give plenty of time to review the
outcomes of the latest meeting.  


It would be greatly appreciated if those who are planning to attend would be
in touch with myself and Chryssoula to indicate the issues that are of
greatest importance to cover and, of course, to provide your proposed
solutions to these issues. This will help us organize the agenda to make
most efficient use of our time together. 


Looking forward to seeing many of you in lovely Paris!





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