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Dear Robert,

Thank you for your comments! It's all in an embryonic state, far from 
being decided. Indeed, Acquisition and Purchase must somehow be 
integrated.  The SIG has relaxed to rule that CRMbase has to provide all 
superclasses iin Lyon. A more detailed formuation is in the text I sent 
about extensions. We had no time to go into detail in the meeting about 
the business model.

Best wishes,


On 3/27/2019 11:08 PM, Robert Sanderson wrote:
> All,
> I hope that the SIG meeting is going well, and my (sincere) regrets 
> for not being there!
> To express a simple Acquisition of an object for some money: A SO5 
> contract initializes two SO3 obligations – one to transfer ownership, 
> and one to pay the monetary amount. The E8 Acquisition terminates one, 
> and the SO4 Payment terminates the other.
> Meaning that there is a super-event that encapsulates both the payment 
> and the acquisition, rather than that the acquisition subsumes the 
> payment. Granted, the scope note of E8 does not talk about payments, 
> exchanges, or anything else but our current, simpler and less capable 
> model is just to have a Payment activity that is part of the 
> Acquisition, and allow applications to infer that it is the provision 
> that decreases the obligation. This would be in semantic conflict with 
> the proposed model, where the Acquisition activity doesn’t include the 
> Payment (or potentially any other fulfilment of an obligation).
> Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the Soc work, could there be 
> an issue to clarify the extent of the Acquisition class, and 
> especially when it begins and ends?
> And, more procedurally, in slide 3, if I’m reading the arrows 
> correctly, it proposes that Acquisition is a subclass of SO7 Service 
> Action, which in turn is a subclass of SO2. This seems to break the 
> rule that CRM Base classes are not subclasses of extensions?
> Many thanks!
> Rob
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> Dear Francesco, All,
> Here some thoughts about modelling transaction business by obligations 
> as fundamental building blocks.
> Please let me know if you are aware of any similar or alternative 
> ontology to that. To be discussed.
> Best,
> Martin
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