[Crm-sig] E1 CRM Entity, E59 Primitive Value described in FOL, OWL, DL , a discussion for geeks among us(?)

Christian-Emil Smith Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Sun Mar 24 12:57:26 EET 2019

 E1 CRM Entity and E59 Primitive Value are the only classes in CRM without a superclass. I assume we can imply from this that the two classes are disjoint.

In the CRMcore definintion the FOL descriptions are

E1 CRM Entity:


E59 Primitive Value:


The FOL descriptions in CRM are open expression with an implied universal quantifier. This is ok but not very  informative for E1(x) = "all x. E1(x)"  expresses the idea that everything we talk about are instanses of the universal class E1 CRM Entity.

The E59(x) = "all x.E59(x)" blurs the picture and indicate in a FOL description of CRM that everything is a primitive value.  It is ok to have the E59(x) as a predicate, but "all x.E59(x)"? cannot be an axiom. We can solve this by removing the FOL description of E59.



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