[Crm-sig] Rights Modelling Discussion / Proposal for upcoming CRM SIG

George Bruseker bruseker at ics.forth.gr
Wed Mar 13 18:43:59 EET 2019

Dear all,

As part of the work on CRMSoc, I have been looking at the possible extension of information around rights in order to make the model more robust and suitable to actual needs. The proposed modelling has been created in dialogue with the previous documented issues regarding this question and also in conversation with several other SIG members including Nicola, Rob, Thanasis and Francesco amongst others.


The proposal to extend the modelling around rights relates back to issues: 172, 330, 335, and 343. I propose to open the discussion of this during the upcoming SIG without necessarily wishing to close it. In the meantime we have had contact with Rights Statements.org who are interested to contribute their expertise on this question and would likewise be able to attend the SIG in Paris in June. Nevertheless, it seems like it would be good to do the groundwork in Heraklion on the basic issues, so that we could hopefully proceed to create a more useful modelling of this topic in the near future.



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