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On 3/7/2019 11:02 PM, Robert Sanderson wrote:
> Martin, all,
> One thing to note about the dbpedia ontology is that it is derived 
> from the infobox sections of Wikipedia, mostly automatically.
> So this could be a very artificial alignment, and I would not put too 
> much emphasis on it as a precedent.
Yes, I see.

Nevertheless I like the "artist" example, because it is a vague 
attribution, but useful. Exactly the things we prefer to put in E55 Type.
I am intrigued by the different ways someone may be identified as 
artist. It reminds me the discourse about "my true mother" of George 
Lakoff in "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things". The question is of course, 
if we could find an ontology as example which makes some objective 
ontological distinctions, such as people having studied fine arts, or 
being organized in a community of artists, or make a living by producing 
For reasoning with CRM classes, an interesting question is, if we can 
infer an artist from her products, or e.g., awards, without classifying 
the person.

> Rob
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> Dear All,
> For the test about types there was a question in which context a class 
> "Artist" may have been defined. I found one in dbpedia:
> http://dbpedia.org/ontology/Artist
> I am not sure how to refer to this in our text. One may point to the 
> utility of replacing classes with types for the mapping.
> Reading the properties of this artist definition carefully, one may 
> ask which of those are actually be restricted to artists, and which 
> "make artists" out of a person: the awards. The latter is obviously 
> common reasoning, but we would not populate the CRM with such 
> secondary concepts for reasons of maintaining a core.
> Best,
> martin
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