[Crm-sig] [Sci] Are O9 and P171 identical?

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Mon Jun 24 09:40:31 EEST 2019

I agree, it is a different property: 09 is used to specify the types of 
the observed properties (for which we have observed values). 
Additionally it is an important property because it implies that by 
having the observation set of properties 09, 016, .. (type, entity and 
values) described, it can represent a reification construct (set of 
propositions described) or point to namedGraph,

see the attached

Athina Kritsotaki

Στις 2019-06-21 22:28, Christian-Emil Smith Ore έγραψε:
> P177 is different from O9 in the sense that one can assign anything,
> but O7 is about observations. So the intensions are different.
> Chr-Emil
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> I think "O9 observed property type" could be defined as a sub-property
> of "P177 assigned property type". I do not think it should be removed,
> it may be useful for searching.
> Also, I have noticed that in version 6.2.6, under "P2 has type", the
> "P177 assigned property type" is not listed as a sub-property and it 
> should.
> Thanasis
> On 21/06/2019 18:05, Robert Sanderson wrote:
>> Apologies for the confusion!
>> I mean P177 assigned property type, not P171!
>> (I was working from memory, given that the numbers were reused … to
>> cross the threads)
>> Rob
>> *From: *Robert Sanderson <RSanderson at getty.edu>
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>> *Subject: *[Sci] Are O9 and P171 identical?
>> Dear all,
>> In working on a model for our conservation science folks, I observe
>> [intended] that O9 and the new P171 both fill the same role – a
>> subproperty of P2_has_type that goes from the activity to a property
>> type, such that the explicit relationship between the observed entity
>> and the measurement can be recorded. Does the introduction of P171
>> obviate the need for O9?
>> Thanks!
>> Rob
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