[Crm-sig] SOC: Proposal to remove Provision and replace with Activity

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Sat Jun 15 15:28:06 EEST 2019

To break up the long email into different issues…

I don’t think that a bilateral action is a sufficient scope for the sorts of activities that can affect social contracts, even in the cultural heritage domain let alone beyond.

Examples of activities that fall within the domain that are done in order to fulfil an obligation:

·         Payment.  Self-evident.

·         Acquisition. Self-evident.

·         Production.  We know how much some artists were paid in order to produce their artworks. Please see: http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/provenance/payments_to_artists/index.html

·         Move.  We pay couriers to move our paintings to the venue of an exhibition.

·         Modification. We pay and are paid to conserve objects.

·         Creation. We pay people to generate content of all different types.

·         Performance. Professional actors/actresses, singers, dancers, etc. are paid for their performances.

·         Joining. We pay to join (and later remain) part of groups. We pay to be part of the W3C and IIIF Consortium, for example. Students pay to be part of an artist’s school.

This leaves very few Activity subclasses in CRMbase that are /not/ easy to come up with use cases for why they should be able to decrease (or increase) the state of an obligation.

Two-stage processes and multiple instantiation are just complex work arounds for an overly prescriptive model. Just because not every instance of an activity is a provision doesn’t mean that it cannot be the object of an Obligation is_reduced_by property. Not every Acquisition transfers the title from some actor, but that doesn’t mean we need to split up the class hierarchy to ensure acquiring objects de novo cannot have the property.


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I would not agree that "provision" can be any activity. "Provision" is a clear bilateral action with a beneficiary, and a social good.
If I write a manuscript in order to provide it to a publisher, my writing is not a provision, because I may hide it. The fact that many activities may be associated with a provision to someone can be modelled either with a two-stage process or multiple instantiation.

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