[Crm-sig] HW for 395 - alignment of E2/E4/E92 etc.

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Fri Jun 14 14:06:51 EEST 2019

HW from 44th SIG is for me to send a new example demonstrating my continued objection to E4 and E18 being subclasses of E92, rather than that they Pxx_have a E92 STV.

The new objection described was that Periods (being STVs) can P10 fall within Physical Things (also being STVs), as the range and domain of P10 is E92 STV.

Thus, I might document the fact that I had a fever as simply as:

  Rob a E21 Person ;
    rdfs:label “The person that is Rob” ;
    P10i contains  [
      a P5 Event ;
      rdfs:label “The event during which Rob has a fever” ;
      … ] .

This was unanimously considered to be complete lunacy and at the same time quite legitimate given the current class hierarchy in which both Events and People are Space Time Volumes.
This example avoids the identity condition issue that the previous example (of Rob having a part that was also a Person), as the Event’s identity is unchanged.

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