[Crm-sig] HW for Issue 332: Provide example of Oxx split from

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Thu Jun 13 17:59:52 EEST 2019

An example from the biomedical domain for Oxx split from:

·         The Sample Taking (S2) of 10 percent of the blood from a vial _split_ (Oxx) the resulting Sample (S13) _from_ the original, as the new Sample is still representative of the original Sample’s properties. Conversely, a Sample Taking (S2) of all the white blood cells from the same blood would _remove_ (O5) the resulting Sample, as the original Sample is no longer representative of its previous properties.

And noted from discussion, that the Sample Taking is also a Transformation of the Sample, as it is no longer a Sample and it is reinstantiated as an Amount of Matter (or other class). This is due to the scope note of S13, that it ceases to exist when its representative qualities become corrupted.


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