[Crm-sig] SOC: Provision is just Activity?

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Thu Jun 13 12:51:30 EEST 2019

In considering the sorts of things that might be descendants of Provision (and thus can fulfil an Obligation), it seems like any Activity is able to fill that role.

·         I can pay for someone to perform a Modification to some thing, such as adding an extension to my house, or replacing the frame on a painting.

·         The Getty has a database of commission payments to artists for the Production of a physical object.

·         We pay for companies to securely Move objects between places, such as photographs from our collection to an off-site facility for high throughput digitization.

·         (etc.)

Thus to me it seems that Provision is unnecessary, and any properties of Provision could just be properties of Activity.

Also, not every Acquisition (or other Activity) is a Provision. I can acquire something that is not formally owned by simply picking it up and asserting my ownership. There is no decrease of an Obligation via this Acquisition, as there is no previous owner.

So I would propose to drop Provision (and descendants) and simply replace it with Activity, migrating the properties from Provision to Activity (in the soc namespace).

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