[Crm-sig] HW: CPL2 redefined

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Jun 3 20:08:52 EEST 2019

Dear All,

Here my suggestion for a new scope note for "CPL2". 'CPL2' itself should 
be replaced by an adequate 'R' number:

CLP2 has physical form (is physical form of)

Domain: F3 <#_F3_Manifestation_Product> Manifestation Product Type

Range: E55 <#_E55_Type_> Type

Quantification:      (0,n:0,n)

Scope note:           This property associates an instance of F3 
Manifestation with an instance of E55 Type describing the kind of 
physical form foreseen for the exemplars carrying this F3 Manifestation. 
In case the F3 Manifestation is intended to be used and distributed in 
digital form, the property should describe the form in which a physical 
copy can be obtained. In case the F3 Manifestation is an abstraction of 
a singleton item, the property describes the actual physical form the F3 
Manifestation is abstracted from. This logical inference is an induction 
along the path that can be modelled as: F3 Manifestation R7i has example 
F5 Item P2 has type: E55 Type.

It can happen that a given exemplar, or subset of exemplars, originally 
produced, or intended to be produced, with that characteristic, 
accidentally lacks it. This fact should be recorded as a property of F5 
Item, and not of F3 Manifestation.

Examples:             The sound recording entitled ‘The Glory (????) of 
the human voice’, identified by label and label number ‘RCA Victor Gold 
Seal GD61175’, containing recordings of musical works performed by 
Florence Foster Jenkins (F3) CLP2 has physical form  Compact Disc (E55)

I have deleted the second example. I have changed the range in the first 
example from 'sound recording' to 'CD'.



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  Honorary Head of the
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  Institute of Computer Science
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