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Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Sat Jun 1 18:54:12 EEST 2019

Dear All,

Here my proposal for the position measurement. I believe we need a third 
special kind of measurement, something like a "spot measurement", which 
would provide properties within a continuum, such as atmosphere, river, 
ground, or sensors immersed in an object.

      Sxxx Position Measurement

Subclass of:E16 Attribute Assignment

Scope note: This class comprises activities of measuring the positions 
of instances of E18 Physical Thing in space and time. The position is 
given as an E94 Space Primitive corresponding to a declarative place 
approximating the intended real position and the time of the measurement 
itself. The measured thing may either be the measurement device itself, 
such as a theodolite or GPS device, a permanent survey mark, a volume 
containing an E18 Physical Thing or an arbitrary spot on or within an 
E18 Physical Thing. The respective position and time may be used to 
document the presence of an E18 Physical Thing at some time or 
indirectly the presence of an instance of E4 Period, in particular 
events of scientific observation and their spatial focus.


Oxx <#_O24_measured_(was>1 determined position (was determined by): E94 
Space Primitive

Oxx2 covered thing: E18 Physical Thing

Oxx3 covered event: E4 Period

Oxx4 fell within thing: E18 Physical Thing

Oxx5 fell within event: E4 Period

The idea being, that the “covered thing” was completely present within 
the given space and time.

If we would talk only about spacetime volumes, this could not be expressed.

To be checked how to connect to sampling spots within the volume of a 
measurement activity.

  Dr. Martin Doerr
  Honorary Head of the
  Center for Cultural Informatics
  Information Systems Laboratory
  Institute of Computer Science
  Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
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  GR70013 Heraklion,Crete,Greece
  Email: martin at ics.forth.gr
  Web-site: http://www.ics.forth.gr/isl

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