[Crm-sig] Help wanted - Understanding P120 versus P183

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Mon Jul 15 19:55:33 EEST 2019

Dear all,

The diagrams in the newer temporal properties as to how temporal spans A and B relate are enormously useful in understanding the distinctions between them.

The question that we ran into was the distinction between P120 occurs before and P182 / P183, and which one to use. In particular, we could not distinguish between P120 and its super property, P183.
Both imply some minimal temporal gap between the end of the first and the beginning of the second. Both position the entities temporally in the same order. Perhaps more importantly, between P182 (End of A is less than or equal to the start of B) and P183 (End of A is less than start of B), it seems like there are no other possibilities?

Indeed, P183 corresponds to Allen’s {before}, as does P120. P183 does not directly assert that it is transitive, but the temporal logic makes it such.

If there is a difference, between the two, it would be lovely to understand. And a diagram would be very helpful in explaining that difference.  If there isn’t a difference, it seems that P183 could be deprecated in favor of the longer standing P120.

Many thanks!


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