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Anaïs Guillem anais.guillem at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 16:00:02 EET 2019

Hi SIG members,
George and I have been collaborating with SARI (Nicola Carboni, Thomas
Haensli, Matteo Lorenzini) this year to facilitate their data integration
about architecture and art archives and we would like to open the
discussion more broadly in the SIG group for those who are interested in
questions of creative processes and art.

Dependencies CIDOC CRM and extensions: Creative Processes Representation
(CPR) ontology is built on:


FRBRoo 2.4

CRMSoc 0.9

Scope: Creative Processes Representation, is an ontological model
harmonizing to the CIDOC CRM family of models that aims to facilitate the
representation and integration of information related to creative processes
and the materialization of ideas into reality. It has a particular focus on
architectural creative processes and will open its scope to deal with
artistic creative processes as well. The presently proposed model and its
related classes and properties have been modelled to cover architectural
practice, art, archives and design activities.

The solidified model is documented here:


This link allow you to read and comment. If you wish to engage with us with
the modeling discussions, examples or consider to use the model for your
own datasets, please write an email to both George and I (
anais.guillem at gmail.com; george.bruseker at gmail.com) or answering this SIG
email thread, we would be thrilled to exchange.

Anaïs Guillem
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