[Crm-sig] Quantification of .1 properties

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Tue Dec 3 20:08:03 EET 2019

Dear all,

Internal discussion has led to a question that I cannot find an answer to in the documentation or in the list archives: what is the expected quantification of the .1 properties?

For example, P3.1 has type seems like it could have many values for the same P3_has_note relationship, in that the note might cover multiple types of assertion.
Extending the example in the scope notes:

    Coffee mug has note “blue china mug, chipped at edge of handle” has type [Condition (E55), Materials (E55)]

This is also hinted at for P16.1:
   The writing of this scope note used specific object Nicholas Crofts’ computer mode of use Typing Tool ; Storage Medium (E55)

That seems like two separate E55s on the same P16 property.

Is it fair to assume that all .1 properties can occur multiple times on a single parent property?

Many thanks,


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