[Crm-sig] CRM sci useful material

athinak athinak at ics.forth.gr
Tue Apr 2 14:49:49 EEST 2019

Dear all,

  I found this reference http://joey711.github.io/phyloseq/  and this 
  about a tool named phyloseq. It is described as a set of classes, 
wrappers, and tools (in R) to make it easier to import, store, and 
analyze phylogenetic sequencing data; and to reproducibly share that 
data and analysis with others.
This might help to understand better or find more cases about processes 
we describe in CRM sci.

For instance, there is a specific description  
https://rdrr.io/bioc/phyloseq/man/merge_samples-methods.html about 
merging samples, so I am not sure if there is also a need for an extra 
link   "merged" sample in CRM sci, such the one that Thanasis proposed 
(split) in the recent sig meeting. Probably we need more data from the 
biologists domain, in order to confirm that.
So regard this as an information I wanted to share, relating to S2 
Sample Taking


Athina Kritsotaki

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