[Crm-sig] Question about CRMArcheo and its completion

Achille Felicetti achille.felicetti at pin.unifi.it
Tue Sep 18 15:51:17 EEST 2018

Dear Christian-Emil,

As you might have guessed, CMRarchaeo’s documentation is still a work in progress and many efforts are currently taking place to improve and finalise it. In particular, version 1.4.5 has already been extended with new real cases and examples, and many scope notes have been revised and discussed during one of last SIGs and added to the document.

Steve is kindly revising latest version of the document and we are waiting for him to release it in order to publish it on CIDOC-CRM website and move forward towards next revision steps.

In parallel, we are also working on scope notes for properties and on revising superproperties, which are still missing in current version.

It would be a pleasure for us if you would like to join the team and help us in improving CRMarchaeo documentation: all your reviews and comments could be sent directly to me.

Thank you for reporting on this task.

Best regards,

> Il giorno 18 set 2018, alle ore 13:21, Christian-Emil Smith Ore <c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no> ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> I participate in an archeological infrastructure project (financed by the Norwegian Research Council) for data from archaeological excavations in Norway. The objectives is to link datasets form excavations, museum collections and archives. My task is to plan the use of CIDOC-CRM and possibly CRMArcheo as semantic glue.
> In Norway the Swedish system Intrasis  (http://www.intrasis.com/ <http://www.intrasis.com/>) is a de facto standard and most excavations use the same template.
> My assumption is that the information in an intrasis-instance can easily be mapped to CRM/CRMArcheo.  To verify this I have started a close reading of CRMArcheo. To my surprise, the CRMArcheo( 1.4.5) is more unfinished than I had got the impression of. I will not go in detail here, just mention a few deficits; Properties Ap8 to AP21 have no examples. Scope note of A6 is formulated as one single sentence 9 lines long and not ending in a full stop. Many examples refer to illustrations in literature,  a few are shown in the beginning but the rest can only be found in the literature
> Is there a CRMArcheo team I can send my review?
> Best,
> Christian-Emil​
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